muscle pain cream of arnica


Physiorelax Forte Plus is a massage cream with a complete formula which prepares, protects and restores your muscles and ligaments. It is highly effective both in sports and against the fatigue caused by daily activities.


We believe in the effectiveness of natural products. Physiorelax Forte Plus is therefore made from an essential oil complex, Helenalin2, which contains arnica, devil’s claw, St John’s wort, calendula and helenalin, the main ingredient of Arnica Montana. All of these ingredients have scientifically proven anti-inflammatory, calming and healing properties.


Unlike other creams, Physiorelax Forte Plus not only acts on your muscles and ligaments; thanks to its rosehip and centella asiatica content, it also cares for your skin, restoring and deeply nourishing it.
C.N.: 165337.6 (75mL)  |  C.N.: 165338.3 (250mL)

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