cold cream tired legs


Physiorelax Polar is an intense cooling effect cream with a complete formula which helps rest and restore your muscles and ligaments quickly and effectively. It is highly effective both in sports and against the fatigue caused by daily activities, particularly for the legs and feet.


We believe in the effectiveness of natural products. Physiorelax Polar is therefore made from an essential oil complex, Helenalin2, which contains arnica, devil’s claw, St John’s wort, calendula and helenalin, the main ingredient of Arnica Montana. All of these ingredients have scientifically proven anti-inflammatory, calming and healing properties.

Menthol and camphor provide it with the cooling effect.


Physiorelax Polar is as cold as ice, thanks to the menthol, camphor and methyl lactate. At the time of application, it provides a highly refreshing and toning sensation in the muscles and ligaments. We suggest that you use it in all situations in which a cooling sensation is recommended.
C.N.: 172457.1(Polar 75mL) | C.N.:176291.7(Polar 250mL)

Massage cold cream tired legs