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Because we strive for excellence, and because we want to offer you only the best, Physiorelax is formulated to take care of both your hands and your patients’ skin.
Its formula is enriched with 3% rosehip oil, which regenerates the skin, and 2% centella asiatica, which is highly effective in healing. Both ingredients, together with calendula (calming) and St John’s wort (healing), provide hydration and the necessary nutrients to prevent premature skin erosion.


We believe in the effectiveness of natural products. We therefore have a unique mixture of ingredients enriched with an active percentage of Helenalin2 Complex, a compound extracted from Arnica Montana with scientifically proven anti-inflammatory effects.

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With Physiorelax, you will be providing your customers with an experience full of sensations, playing with temperatures with a pleasant, mild mint aroma which is sure to impress.
Its composition, which is unique in the market thanks to the excellent quality of the raw materials chosen, gives it a higher lubrication level than other creams, making it easy to apply when massaging and can be done without using oils. This also means that a small amount of the product can treat a fairly extensive area of the body.

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