Part of the rose family, rosehip grows in the form of wild shrub both in Europe and in the south of the Andes, in Chile and Argentina. From beautiful light pink flowers and red and orange fruits, its oil rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins is considered to be a treasure for cosmetic use.

Its benefits have made it an essential item in many households, including ours, as it helped us perfect our formula, make ourselves even better and provide an added extra to our products which makes us different from the rest.

Rosehip oil has traditionally been used in skin care, thanks to its regenerating, restorative and anti-ageing properties. It is very popular as it is effective against stretch marks, wrinkles, and marks and scars caused by acne.

Many scientific studies have demonstrated its benefits in the treatment of skin ailments and diseases and in skin care.

rosehip cream


rosehip antiinflammatory cream