St John’s wort

Originally from Europe, although now widespread in America, Hypericum perforatum is a plant known by many names, the most common being St John’s wort. It grows in the form of a shrub and its tiny petals house dark glands that accumulate its oil, which is full of properties.

This richness aroused our curiosity, as we were looking for ingredients extracted directly from nature that would give our products the best possible quality, and Saint John’s wort turned out to be a perfect candidate.

The Ancient Greeks used it for medicinal purposes and valued its anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties, which were often recommended by Hippocrates himself. Thanks to its astringent and healing properties, it also works wonders on the skin.

There is now scientific evidence that St John’s wort reduces abdominal cramps and spasms, thanks to its smooth-muscle contraction effect, and its effectiveness in skin healing when applied topically.

st john's wort cream


st johns wort cream